Commercial Growers

Commercial Growers

We know how difficult it can be to not only find the right products, but also supply them.  Rare fruit tree breeds in dwarf and semi-dwarf are in scarce supply.  The same holds true for Geneva root stocks and cider varieties.  Not only that, you need healthy, virus-free plants for long-term production. 

Most nurseries do not use the knip boom process we use. This process ensures that our trees will grow large, strong, and be well feathered. 

Custom Order 

The cider industry is exploding and finding the right heirloom varieties can be quite difficult.  Many producers are out-of-stock or sold out for years to come. We accept custom order trees. Tell us what you want and we will make it for you. Please contact us to further discuss your custom order in detail. 


The Heritage Farm Difference

We are all about quality processes so that we can deliver the highest quality trees.  It's well known that the knip boom process brings trees into production faster. Research shows that knip boom trees will produce 80% more fruit than a one year whip during the first year of production and 20% more after the first five total years of production. The trees require less labor since the branching has been trained in the nursery. Enter your email address and we'll send the wholesale pricing guide to your inbox immediately.

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