Esopus Spitzenburg
Esopus Spitzenburg

Esopus Spitzenburg


Apple Tree

Thomas Jefferson's all time favorite apple. Medium to large, orangish fruit, russet dots and inconspicuous stripes. Crisp, fine grained, spicy, juicy, yellowish flesh. Rich, aromatic flavor. Keeps until May. Fruits hangs on tree well into November. Best at Christmas time. 

Ripens during October

Hardy to Zone 4-10

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Size Price Availability Qty
G969 (Semi-Dwarf) Spring 2022 $26.99 Out of Stock
P18 (Standard) Spring 2022 $26.99 Out of Stock
G890 (Semi-Dwarf) Spring 2022 $26.99 Out of Stock
G41 (Dwarf) Spring 2023 $26.99 Out of Stock
G969 (Semi-Dwarf) Spring 2023 $26.99 In Stock
P18 (Standard)Spring 2023 $26.99 Out of Stock