Apple Tree

An extremely cold-hardy, sweet dessert apple. 

A massively flavored dessert apple, the one we most look forward to on our farm each fall. Likely the most distinctive, complex and unusually flavored apple you’ll ever try. The aromatic crisp crystalline apricot-orange flesh, with its occasional red staining, is so juicy it might run down your hand. The roundish fruit is medium-sized and entirely covered with dark bluish-purple stripes.

Extremely hardy, productive and reliable; at its best in colder districts. One of the parents of the popular Sweet Sixteen Blooms midseason.

Ripens late September/ Early October

Zones 3-7

Important: Please see our hardiness zone shipping policy before ordering.
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G969 (Semi-Dwarf) Spring 2023 $26.99 Out of Stock
P18 (Standard) Spring 2023 $26.99 Out of Stock