Apple Tree

If you want to grow the best-tasting apple in the world, this is probably it. A cross between Golden Delicious and Cox's Orange Pippin. Medium sized fruit with bright red striping over golden color and slight russeting. Nice sweet and tart balance probably the best of any variety. Shows some resistance to mildew and apple scab. 

Ripens early October

Best for zones 4-9

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G969 (Semi-Dwarf) Spring 2022 $26.99 Out of Stock
G890 (Semi-Dwarf) Spring 2022 $26.99 Out of Stock
G214 (Dwarf) Spring 2023 $26.99 In Stock
G969 (Semi-Dwarf) Spring 2023 $26.99 In Stock
P18 (Standard) Spring 2023 $26.99 Out of Stock